Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Blossoms

Spring has sprung here. My neighbor's freesia is in bloom and smells wonderful. Usually her Cecil Bruner roses are in bloom by Easter, but because this is the earliest Easter in a 100 years, her roses are just now budding. There was one tiny bud that was in bloom. I was just getting ready to take a picture of it when she picked it and handed it to me. One of my favorite things is when my other neighbor, who also has these same roses, brings me a small bouguet of flowers to fit in this tiny vase (below). I was also happy to see that her Forget me nots have spread to my yard :) I did get out and plant some tomato plants and flowers in my back yard. I'll take pictures and post later when they get blooming nicely.


Amber said...

what kind of flower is the top one? a primrose?

Delirious said...

That is a Freesia..they smell wonderful!