Wednesday, March 12, 2008

5 things

Max tagged me for the "Every Kindness" meme.
All you have to do is to write 5 things that you do for yourself; 5 things you do for your closest friends, partner or child and 5 things you do for a stranger:

5 Things I do for myself: (wow this one was hard..I don't think I do much for myself)
-- take my camera, leave the house, and go walking
-- blog ;)
-- Attend the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers meetings
-- I got a cat :)
-- Chat on IM with friends

5 Things I do for closest friends/ partner/ or child:
-- Talk to them and listen
-- Share my joys, and interesting things with them
-- Try to help solve their problems
-- Pray for them
-- Play with them :)

5 Things I do for strangers:
-- I listen to them...they usually tell me their life story, even in the grocery line.
-- I stop to help if I see a need.
-- I speak up if I can make their life easier (like telling the guy who came behind me at the gas station that the pump isn't working well)
-- I give money to a fund to help those in need
-- I pray for them if I see they are in need, and I can't help

Okay, I am going to tag Amberlilies, Lindsay/ Weaver, and Inside Stories


keira said...

can i play, too?

for myself:

1. run
2. go to the temple (i've been to busy, sick, pregnant, etc., to do this for a while and i really miss it)
3. watch lost
4. listen to music while i clean or make dinner
5. read

for people i love:

1. listen
2. ask about them (their life, problems, etc.)
3. buy presents for them :o)
4. pray for them
5. read to them, teach them things

for strangers:

1. help if i can
2. pray for them
3. be polite, have manners
4. that's all i can think of - i still struggle with shyness when it comes to strangers. i think it's because i tend to not trust anyone.

Max said...

Hey again!

5 things you do for yourself:
You also chat with your friends on IM? I do that is so practical!
Blogging is essential lol ;)
Are you originally from Utah?

5 things you do for friends/partner/child:
All very good things to do for them :D!

5 things you do for strangers:
Great things too!!

Delirious, thank you so much for having participated *bowing*!