Monday, February 04, 2008

Things I Love and Hate

Max tagged me for this one. She talked more generally about things like war...but I'm going to be a little more specific.
5 Things I Love
1. The Opera
2. IMAX movies
3. The beach
4. Photography
5. Eating Asian food

5 Things I Hate
1. Smoking....can I even say I ABHOR it?
2. long meetings with someone who doesn't know how to follow an agenda
3. Losing friends
4. Hot dogs...I can gag them down, but would rather not
5. Road rage

Okay, I'm going to tag....Inklings, Goin Bowling, Welcomed Insanity, Lindsay-Weaver,

1 comment:

Nene said...

I can't believe you hate hot dogs! I love them!