Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Russians Are Coming!

My husband is in Russia this week on business. He is a mechanical, professional engineer currently working in sales. When this opportunity first came up, he didn't want to go. But because the man scheduled to go has some health problems, my husband went in his place. I said to him, "I would love go go! I'll come with you!". He was still trying to get out of it, so dismissed the idea. It was pretty much a last minute decision about whether or not he would go, so he had to pay extra to have them expedite his visa. As the time drew nearer for him to leave, he started to get excited, and at one point said, "I wish you were going with me.". I said, "I wanted to come all along!". (This is one of those "thwap" moments when you just want to "thwap" some sense in to him lol) I have to admit that I wasn't really sure what I would do about my kids while I was gone. I think the teenagers are old enough to watch out for the younger one, but it would have been a long absence. I'm glad he got the opportunity to go though, and I know that it will be a very interesting trip for him. He also gets to spend one day in London on his way back. He has been to many countries, but never to either of these. When my oldest son heard that his Dad was going to Russia, he immediately asked him to bring him back one of their hats. I'm not quite sure what he would do with it in California, but insists that he NEEDS one. :) Next time my husband goes some place cool, I think I'm going to be a little more assertive about going with him. :)


Amber said...

does he get to see the kremlin? i've always wanted to see that. you'll have to post pictures if he takes any :)

Oswegan said...

What a cool place to be able to visit.