Monday, February 18, 2008

Day Trip: Point Bonita

We planned a day trip today since our kids were out of school, and my husband didn't have to work. He needs to get a Visa to go to Russia next week, so we stopped by the Russian Consolate in SF, but they had closed 15 minutes earlier.

We stopped by the Palace of Fine Arts to eat our lunch out on the lawn.

Next we drove out of the city and headed for Point Bonita Lighthouse.

This is an aereal view of the lighthouse. I took a picture of a picture they had on display.

The lighthouse is out on a point, and you have to cross a suspension bridge to reach it. Only two people are allowed to cross at a time.

We saw sea lions and vultures, and amazing views of the city. It was a good day. :)


deputymomof6 said...

I would love to see Russia, but not sure if I would like the cold!! Right now, I have had enough of that. Hope it is nice weather when you go!!!

Amber said...

The Palace of Fine Arts looks gorgeous! I think it is so fun ya'll spent the day together, I miss doing that with my family!

Max said...


Great photos! Russia..humm, I have problems with sick oligarchies *nodding*! Besides it is too cold *Brrrr*!

Anyway, I loved the sea lions: sooo cute with their bellys up lol :)!
SF is a gorgeous city!