Thursday, February 21, 2008

April Fool's!

I don't know why, but I love April Fool's day, and always try to prank at least one person. Here are some things we have done in the past.

Prank 1: After I came home from my mission, I lived with my Grandmother for about a year. My parents were in the process of moving, and they came and lived with her too while they relocated. I moved in across the street at my Aunt's house. On April Fool's day, I made a dummy and put it in their bed. My Aunt R. came downstairs and saw someone sleeping in her bed. She went upstairs and asked Uncle K., "Who is sleeping in our bed?". He said, "I don't know!". They quietly crept down the stairs. I could hear them laughing when they discovered that it was a dummy. ;)

Prank 2: When my kids were younger, they decided to call their grandpa that lives nearby and prank him for April Fool's Day. He picked up the phone, and my daughter told him she was calling from the pound, and had noticed that his dogs (who he loves possibly more than his children :) weren't registered. He got flustered and was trying to make excuses, when my daughter said, "April fools Grandpa!". Well, he was not one to let sleeping dogs lie, so he waited a few minutes and called back. When the phone rang, I instinctively knew it was him. I answered and said, "Hello". He said, in a strange accent, "May I speak to P.?" I said, in a mexican accent, and in a mans' voice, "This is the Garcia's, I think you have the wrong number." He said, "I'm sorry". and hung up. A few seconds later the phone rang again and once again he asked for P. I said, "this is the Garcia residence......April fools!" I think he knew when he had been beaten, because he didn't call back. ;)

Prank 3: After that successful prank, we decided that the next year we needed to prank him again. This time we dressed my two sons up in girl's clothes and wigs and took them to his house. This we caught on video, in case there is any disputation about what happened. ;) He answered the door and the kids said,(in a high voice) "Would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies?" He said, "Just a second, let me get my wife". We had already told her secretly that we were coming, so she told him to handle it. He came back and looked at my son and said, "Didn't I see you at the post office?" Then he looked closer and took him by the chin and said, "J, is that you?"....LOL SCORE!

Prank 4: The next year we decided to continue the tradition. This however didn't go quite as well, but was funny anyway. We decided to dress my husband up as a woman. I found a dress/pants thing that was big enough for him, and we put a wig and scarf on him. Somehow we just couldn't cover the 5:00 shadow, or bushy eyebrows, because his Dad recognized him immediately. lol

Prank 5: When my son first started wrestling, my daughter made fun of his singlet. April Fool's day was coming soon, so for an April Fool's prank, I bought some dollar a yard fabric and made "singlets" for me and my husband. On April Fool's day evening we came downstairs wearing them. The kids ran screaming, "Take them off! Take them off!". :)

Please tell me any ideas you have for how I can prank my kids this year.


Fromagette said...

One year, my roommates in college decided to prank me while I was napping. I had asked them to wake me up at a certain time, and when that time came, one of my neighbors came in to wake me up. When I finally made it out to the living area, I realized the my roommates had attempted to "switch" apartments on me to confuse me. All our neighbors from next door were there pretending that it was their apartment, cooking dinner, etc. It was rather amusing.

deputymomof6 said...

One year I dressed up in my work uniform, as requested by a friend of mine that is a school teacher. She said she owed them for putting her stapler, and various other office supplies in Jello. I was to come in and ask an aide of her about her car, and pretend to have been doing a K9 demonstration and have found drugs in her car bumper while walking through the parking lot. It kinda backfired, she started bawling. I laughed, and she did after she found out. She said it was the best prank ever, but I will never do it in my uniform again. I felt bad for making her cry.

Oswegan said...

Note to self: steer clear of Delirious on April 1.


Lindsay-Weaver said...

My friend put their house up "For Sale" and tied big banners and balloons to it, then put her husband's cell phone number. She had arranged for a couple of people to call him and prank him, but got a few real inquiries as well. It was really funny.


Nene said...

Hey, I think you just need to get the singlets out again! :0}