Saturday, January 05, 2008

Let it Out

You have probably seen this commercial before, but it really struck me today when I saw it, because this is my life.

I didn't really notice it until I moved to California, but people on the street often come up to me and start telling me their life story. It may be that the culture in California is such that people are more talkative, I don't know, but ever since I moved here, I've had many strangers unload it all to me. At first it was odd to me, and I didn't quite know how to respond when total strangers would begin talking to me. But then I kind of got used to it, and I have to confess that now I often talk to strangers too. I don't reveal my life story, but I do talk about this or that.

In some ways I think it might be that I am a frustrated talk show host. I like to learn things about people, and I'm interested in the stories they tell. I find myself asking leading questions because I want to learn more, or because I can tell that they are feeling strongly about the subject. But what I have learned is that most people just don't have anyone to talk to. Sometimes it's easier to tell things to a stranger than to those closest to us. It takes alot of courage for a person to tell others that they are hurting, or afraid, etc.

The other aspect of this is that I have heard some amazing stories. Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone has something about their life that is unique and interesting. I think with a little listening, things come out that normally don't, and I as a listener get the privilege of hearing.


Amber said...

That is so true! I don't have anyone really to talk to and share all my news with on a daily basis since I live alone so I find myself incessently chattering away whenever I see my parents or my best friend, and I just can't stop myself! LOL

Max said...

Hello D,

I know exactly what you mean: here in Portugal people like talking to strangers too. My granny, when she arrived from Africa, didn't talk to anybody; but now (25 years later) the lady is more popular than a politician during a campaign LOL! She tells us stories of people we don't even is incredible!

But you are right when you say that people are alone and they don't have anyone to talk to!

Great post, D!