Saturday, December 08, 2007

Religion and Politics

Okay, I admit I might be a little biased in my admiration of MItt Romney's recent speech on religion. I am both Mormon and Republican. But I must say that those who blatantly dismiss his speech as being empty and useless, are people who didn't pay attention. Mr. Romney gave us a reminder of the very principles that this nation was founded upon. This speech wasn't full of "kissing up" to the American public, but full of his own convictions about religious freedom and tolerance. I tire of candidates who try to stir up support by using "reaction words" to get support of the voters. It reminds me of the comedians who stand up and say, "I just flew in from New York, (excited applause from all of the New Yorkers in the audience) and am so happy to be here in Los Angeles. (applause from all the Californians)." So many candidates bring up code words to stir up excitement, but in reality they are saying nothing. This speech by Mitt got down to the core issue of separation of church and state. Those who criticize this speech should listen to it again. Here is the link.

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