Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Gift of Fear

Today I heard Oprah refer to a book called, "The Gift of Fear" by Gavin de Becker. I have heard Oprah talk about this book many times, but I have never read it. I am thinking that I am going to read this book soon. Several things have happened in our city lately that really bring home to me that we aren't as safe as we think we are.

The book talks some about the natural instincts that we have that warn us of danger. Many people ignore those instinctive feelings because they want to be polite, or they think they are just being silly. I have heard many special guests on talk shows talk about feelings they had to warn them of danger that they ignored. Sometimes we ignore our instincts about people because we want to believe the best of them. Maybe we have a family member that gives us "the creeps", but because they are family, we want to be nice and keep family peace.

In addition to natural instincts, I believe we have god given instincts and feelings that are meant to protect us. I hope I don't become deaf to my instincts that try to warn me of danger.


Anonymous said...

Yeah i agree, Sadly sometimes Intelligence overrides primitive instincts such as self preservation.
Of course at times Primitive instincts override Intelligence this tends to cause more trouble in society then vice versa though.

never heard of that book and i cant say i watch the big O show, but if you happen to pick it up let me know if its worth a look.

keira said...

I read that book a while back and really liked it. It's worth reading. I remember I had to put my name on the waiting list at the library because it was always checked out.

GoodyMom1 said...

i often think that i worry too much, and have been told so by some close to me... but that worry kept me out of some big trouble, being overly concerned for my own welfare and that of my family saved my sister and i from lots of pain more than once... i survived because of my worry and my people-watching/social-skills, i know how helpful fear can be, lol.