Saturday, October 13, 2007

Losing It

Today I went to open a mayonaise jar (costco brand..large size). I struggled to unscrew the plastic lid and break the seal. I tried with my left hand, and I tried with my right hand. It wouldn't budge. I thought, "Wow, you are really out of shape. You have gotten weak, you need to work out more.". I tried a few more times using a dishcloth to get a better grip, but no luck. Finally I took the bottle upstairs to my husband. He tried with all his might, grunting along the way, but couldn't get the lid to budge. He said, "Maybe there is a really tight vacuum seal to it." I looked and could see that the sides of the plastic container were a little sucked in, so thought his vaccuum idea was right. He tried and tried, but couldn't get it to budge. I thought to myself, "Wow, BOTH of us are out of shape. I thought atleast he still had some muscles.". Suddenly my husband looked at the side of the lid and saw a pull tab. He unzipped a plastic strip from the lid, and the lid came off easily. Now I'm thinking to myself, "Wow, so the brain cells are the first to go?".


Dr.Psycho said... are losing your cognitive flexibility... :)

Baba Doodlius said...

I was thinking "childproof lid", maybe.

Othersideblue said...

yeah .. we gottado something about the aging ;)