Sunday, October 07, 2007

Ain't Love Grand?

Okay, now for one of the true mysteries of life. I was thinking last night about how I love my husband. I was trying to decide just what it is about him that makes me love him. I had a sort of mental discussion with myself that went something like this:
--I could say that I love him because he is a great person. But that can't be the reason because I know alot of great people and I don't love them.
--I could say it is because we are sexually attracted to each other. But no, even though that is true, that isn't why I love him, that's just a benefit. :)
--He does nice things for me, but that isn't why I love him either.
--I could say that the years we have spent together are what has bonded us to each other. Although that is true, I loved him before I had spent those years with him.
--I could say that I love him for his looks, but I have never been a person who focused on looks.
--We have similar goals and values. But frankly, even if he didn't have those goals and values, I would still love him.

I don't really know the answer, except to say that there is something in our brains and hearts that connects. We are compatible in ways I can't quite comprehend. As I look in the mirror and see myself aging and losing some of that youthful appeal, it's nice to know that we love each other in a way that isn't defined by looks, or goals, or years, or gifts.


GoodyMom1 said...

you're very blessed to have that.

Othersideblue said...

been away from blog world for sometimes cause of domestic problems am back now hi! :)

Here you are reminding me of Eve diary of Mark Twain you are are a great thinker and a very good writer ..i dont say it to please ..i realy mean it.

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