Friday, August 24, 2007

I'm So Technologically Impaired

Wow, I'm not even sure that is a word. Either way, you know what I mean, I am behind when it comes to technology. I think kids growing up in this society today are being born with an extra technology gene. Even little kids just instinctively know how to maneuver the internet, and computer games.

Let me give you a couple of examples:

--I didn't know I could open another internet window by clicking the little box up in the browser. I had been opening another separate screen when I wanted two internet windows open at the same time. Who taught me this? My nine year old. :S

--Today a 15 year old boy told me what site to look at to check on my husband's flight arrival time. He even was able to tell me how fast the plane was travelling.

--My husband and I both rely on my 17 year old to fix our computer when we have problems. He gets frustrated with us and says things like, "I've had my computer for like 6 years and have NEVER had a problem! How do you guys keep messing this up?"

--My husband handed me a stack of bills and asked me to pay them. As I was sorting out the stamps to make sure I had enough on the envelope, he said, "Hey, why didn't you just pay those online?!" Umm....that would be because I'm technologically impaired.


Inside Stories said...

And I am even more technology challenged than you!

Lindsay-Weaver said...

I will never pay my bills any other way. Unless it gets even better.
All you have to do is get online banking, enter the payee, the payees address and your account number, name on account 1 time...then you just click on Pay, enter an amount and pick a date to send it. So you get a bill (via email or snail mail) you just enter in the amount and you're done. And it tracks stuff for you when you use your debit card like eating's nice.
Go to your bank!!! Immediately!!!
They will help you!!!