Thursday, July 05, 2007

We've Got the Whole World....♪♫

I found this statistic today, thought I would share it.

"We share our planet with 5.7 billion people. If you could stand every person in the world, men, women, and children two feet apart, how much of the world geography would they take up? You might guess all of Africa, or all of North American, perhaps the entire state of New York. Actually, if all the people alive today stood two feet apart they would fill an area only 900 square miles large!

In fact, if all the people in the world were put together into families of four, and placed on a 50' by 100' lot, they could all live in the state of Texas. And after building cities and homes for them all, it would not be more densely populated than New York City is today." (LDS Living)

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PsychoIntern said...

But can you imagine the traffic jams in a city as large as Texas and as densely populated as NYC? :)