Monday, July 09, 2007


Remember I told you about the article I read called, "The List"? There were so many things about that article that impressed me. Of course the whole concept of the list itself was meaningful to me, but also the parkinson's disease connection, and the china connection. I decided I wanted to write a "fan letter" to the author to tell her how much her article meant to me.

I went online to the magazine website (Hallmark magazine) but couldn't find any contact information for Ellen Greene. I decided to do a Google search of that name, and happened across a link for an Ellen Green who rents out vacation homes in Mexico. From the article, I had learned that she and her husband had retired in Mexico, and that seemed like a plausible employment for her, so I clicked on that link. There was an area for me to send an email if I was interested in renting a vacation home. In the message area, I wrote that I wasn't really interested in renting a vacation home, but I was interested to know if she was the same person who had written the article, because I wanted to tell her how much it meant to me. A day or so ago, I got an email back that simply said, "Yup, it's me.". So I wrote another email and told her all of the things that I appreciated about her article. I will be interested to see if she replies. I'd make a good stalker.

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