Wednesday, July 04, 2007

A Post A Day

I'm always trying to advertise my blog lol. When I talk to people, I give them the site address and encourage them to take a look. Recently I was talking to an older woman who has grown children. She told me that three of them have blogs, and post "a picture a day". One of them is living in Russia right now, so his pictures are very interesting. All of them are aspiring photographers, and one of them even does wedding photos. I don't know if she is professionally trained, but she does a good job. I kind of like the idea, it forces them to produce. I think it's a good idea for a writing blog too. I don't necessarily post once a day, but for someone who is aspiring to write, it would be a worthy goal. I'm not really much of an aspiring writer, although I've had a few small things published in church magazines. I am however, aspiring to become a better photographer, so maybe I will try that. Wow...that's a tall order. I don't know if I have enough interesting things to take pictures of. I guess this forces me to FIND things to take pictures of. I might try it. Stay tuned to my photo blog...

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