Saturday, June 30, 2007

Top Ten Things That Make A Woman Appear Lower Class

1. Nose piercings
2. Shirts that are too short and show a fat belly
3. Tattoos
4. Smoking
5. Too tight of clothing
6. Chewing gum (okay, I do this one)
7. Swearing
8. Talking while eating (I might be guilty of this one too :)
9. Too much, or too harsh colored of makeup
10. Using bad grammar

Okay, that's my list. What did I forget?


Anonymous said...

Tattoos...80s clothing...80s hairstyle...Rotted teeth...No teeth...Carrying makeup etc. in a plastic grocery bag...Packing clothes in a trash bag instead of luggage...There are lots of them. :)Psychointern

Inside Stories said...

Treating other people unkindly.