Saturday, June 23, 2007

Girl's Camp Return

This is the view of the flag pole at Clark's Fork camp, where I spent the past week.

I know this "cushy" looking room may not be what you expect to see at a girl's camp, but considering we had as long as 15 hour days, we needed something better than a tent to sleep in. This was my little corner of the camp.

This was one of my roommates at camp. :S

Each day the camp staff would choose people as the "cookie princess" and "cookie prince" of the day. In actuality, everyone was chosen at one time or another, but it was nice of them to recognize our efforts in their behalf. Dang....I think I gained weight eating all the food this week. :S

Cooking meals for as few as 150, and as many as 230 people three times a day is no small task. You would think people would get impatient waiting for their turn in line, but the girls sat at the tables singing songs together until their time to eat. I wonder if adults would be so patient.

I think most people expect women to be the cooks in kitchens, but we had as many men as women cooking in our kitchen

At a church camp, you have to expect things to be a little on the religious side. However, even we members found these restroom names a little humorous.

We had spectacular scenery, although I didn't get to spend much time looking at it. My last day there I got to take a walk and enjoy it.

This is most of the kitchen crew, minus a couple that had to leave a day or two early.

I would write more, but I'm exhausted...what a week!

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GoodyMom1 said...

looks like you had a great time. *hugs*