Sunday, June 10, 2007

Church Away From Church

Today I had to attend another Ward (congregation) of our Church because they were having their annual Ward Conference, and I have duties in connection with that. Whenever possible, I try to attend as much of my own Ward as possible, so that I can be with my family. But on days like today, when the two schedules conflict, I attend the entire three hour block of meetings at the other Ward.

Being with their Ward reminded me of the great organization of the church. We have a church education system, which provides manuals and leadership handbooks that are used in every congregation. We have a lesson schedule that we all follow, so that if a member were to attend any Ward throughout the entire world, they would have the same lessons as they would at home.

Every congregation has the same leadership structure, and follows the same procedures. There is uniformity throughout the church, no matter which part of the world we are.

While the lessons schedules, and leadership structures are wonderful assests to our church, the greatest part is that we have uniformity of doctrine. Throughout the world, every congregation teaches the same doctrine.

I know this might seem like an odd post, but it was just nice to go to that other Ward and feel totally at home, knowing that things would be done in the same way that I am accustomed. I have attended congregations all around the world (literally) and had the same feeling there. There is power in unity, and now I'm finding that there is also pleasure and peace.

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Renee said...

I understand how you feel :)