Sunday, May 27, 2007

Selective Learning

I have this trait in my handwriting that shows that I'm a selective learner. I know this is true about myself, there are just some things that I'm not interested in, so I turn off when confronted with them. Actually, I see this often in other people's handwriting as well. In fact, it is a very common trait.

But there is also another trait in my handwriting that shows that I will stretch to learn things. It's just that I'm selective about what I will put in the effort to learn. It always worries me when I meet someone whose handwriting shows that they don't put in effort to learn. It seems such a shame that they are missing out on information that could be useful to them.

I've been thinking lately about the dangers of being a selective learner. Sometimes we get so comfortable where we are, and with our abilities, that we think we don't need to learn anything more. Maybe we have a certain proficiency in a thing, and feel that is sufficient. But by our own choice, or narrow vision, we stunt our learning potential.

The Japanese are definitely not selective learners. Their culture is willing to assimilate anything good in to their culture. The interesting thing is that although they will add customs from other cultures in to their own, they have a unique way preserving their own identity.

I hope I can learn to be a little less selective. Some things, because of moral conviction, I will always choose to leave behind, but things that can improve my life, or my talents, are definitely worth stretching to learn.

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