Sunday, May 13, 2007

Pink Mountain Challenge

Okay all of you who are my relatives.....I am issuing you a challenge. Post a better picture of these pink mountains. I know you have them, and I want to see them! :) This one is pretty, but you can barely see the mountains. I need a better picture! D.


Kris said...

My son has always called that
"The Bacon Strip"
I haven't seen that for years.

PsychoIntern said...

Beautiful...If I come to the reunion in July, I will try to outdo you...I love this scene.

Funny story, I was in Portugal and had been there only a month. I was tracting and ran into some young boys who obviously knew the elders from years before. He brought me a picture, and it was of these mountains. It was nice to get a gift like that when I was so homesick and depressed... :)

Inside Stories said...

I am your one sibling who has never taken a picture of those mountains. By the way, Kris, he calls it "Bacon Ridge".

Kris said...

He calls it the Bacon Strip.