Thursday, May 03, 2007

My Favorite Things

A post of my friend inspired me to create this list. Feel free to add some of your favorites in comments.

--Going for walks in the evening.

--Going out to eat foreign food..any kind..I like to try new kinds

--Attending the Shakespeare Festival

--Playing the piano

--When my husband reaches over with his foot in the middle of the night just to make sure I'm there. :)

--Listening to opera music

--Watching my kids play with each other...even my teenagers

--Going to the beach. I love the wind, the sound of the waves, the birds...everything about it.

--Playing with my craft supplies...making cards, scrapbooking, all kinds of things.


--Going to China town

--Singing in the choir

--I love it when my family sits on too small of a pew at church and we are so cramped together we can't move. We have to stifle the laughs. newest obsession

--Those last few minutes of talk with my husband before we go to sleep.


Anonymous said...

interesting list :)

A few of those things are on my favorites list as well. happiest time in any day is when I can talk to my closest friends.

Kris said...

*When winter ends and spring starts with the crocus, tulips and daffodils
*In the middle of the night when I hear the patter of little steps and my daughter comes and snuggles into bed with me.
*All the sisters laying on my parents bed laughing, giggling while my Dad grouches at us to leave, and us refusing to do so.
*Memories of my sister and I fighting when we were younger.
*Golden retriever puppies.
*Sending packages to orphanages.

PsychoIntern said...

The one that made me laugh was the checking with the foot to see if you are there...where else might you be? :)

Lindsay-Weaver said...

Your family giggles when they are all cramped together on a small bench?
Mine would probably pinch.