Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I'm a Bad Gift Giver

Well, I'm not sure how to title this better, but actually, I think the gifts I give are okay, I just have some bad habits.

---I shop for myself while I'm shopping for others. I usually come home with something for myself as well as the present I went to buy.

---I have a really bad habit of buying things that I might ...cough...cough...like to borrow.

---I give weird gifts sometimes, like the time I gave my mother a halloween t-shirt because her birthday fell in October. I sort of think outside the box sometimes and give things that are unexpected, probably even unwanted lol.

---I cringe when I have to buy presents for men. I just don't understand the male psyche, so I can't think of what they would like. Also, it seems like they have bought everything they want already....hence the saying, "the MAN who has everything". :0P

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