Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Donny World

Tonight our church youth group went to "Donny World". A guy in our church, named Donny, is a realtor and is quite well off financially. He has a nice "gentleman's farm" out side of town. He bought an old water slide and had it installed in his back yard. The kids love to go to swim in his pool and slide down his waterslide.

We had to fill out a waiver for our kids to go there. They used a "Disney" type font when writing "Donny World" at the top of the form. There was another form the church uses for parental permission. At the bottom of the form it has as place to check if there are special needs such as diet, medication etc. Because we were a little late leaving for the activity, I had my son fill out the forms while I drove, then I signed them. As I looking over the form I had just signed, I noticed my son had checked the "special diet" box. In the explanation area he had written, "We can only eat junk food".

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