Sunday, April 22, 2007

Old Me

A local radio station held a publicity event down at the marina of a neighboring town yesterday. It was billed as a "Pirate party". I had heard that maybe they would even have a pirate ship come to the dock there. I tried to get my kids to go with me, but believe it or not, none of them was interested. I showed up a little early, and all of these radio staff people dressed in pirate clothes started setting up. Actually, most of them were in lame costumes, like only a hat, or bandana. Mostly they were dressed in what my teenagers refer to as "EMO" types. Most of the people who showed up were staff. Hardly anyone came who wasn't staff. I am thinking now that I should have taken a picture of one girl that showed up. They advertised that if you dressed like a pirate, they would give you a free spin on their prize wheel. She was a very tall girl, I'm thinking at least six foot. She had on a pirate costume that looked mostly like rags. It wasn't bad except that she was quite over weight, and her shirt showed about 8 inches of her fat stomach. I think my revulsion is what kept me from taking a picture. Now, I'm thinking I missed out on a great comedic photo op.

Well, it took me awhile, but I finally mustered up the courage to get out of the car. I never did go up to the booth. I suddenly became aware of my age, and felt it was weird for a gray haired lady to be attending a "pirate party". I did go take some pictures of some fencers who were doing demonstrations. In all fairness, the ship never came, and that was what I was interested in coming to see in the first place. I heard there is one coming next month to our marina. I saw one once before. It was an exact replica of one of Columbus's ships. It was used in the movie "Pirates of the Carribean". I am going to go when it comes next month. I sure hope one of my kids will come with me. They would be the perfect excuse for an old lady to go see a pirate ship.


Stormy Trepidations said...
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Pipperdink the Bored said...

I know exactly which ship you are talking about. It is called the Lady Washington and it makes calls at almost every port on the west coast.
I've seen it twice and almost got to go out underway on it because I have a friend at school who sailed on it last summer as part of the crew. When it comes back I'll see if can hook you up with a special tour. :)