Friday, April 20, 2007

Old dog

I took my dog to the vet today. He is old, just like me. Actually, in dog years he is older. He is 12 in human years which makes him old enough to retire in human years. It seems like when he turned 12, things started falling apart. He now has a little arthritis in his hip. The vet gave me pain killers and glucosamine/chondroitin to help his joints.

My dog has also gone deaf. The doctor said it is from old age...the nerves have just gone kaput. He can hear a loud clap, but other than that is stone deaf. He doesn't seem to mind too much. The doctor said it happens very quickly, and looking back I can almost pinpoint the week it happened because Tommy became very clingy.

I also notice he is getting to be set in his ways...just like old humans I know. He wants to be in the house all the time, and is very insistent about this. But you know what? He has been a great dog, so I don't mind spoiling him a little in his old age. I know that with his hips getting bad it is just a matter of time, but we will try to help him live as long a life as possible as long as he isn't suffering.

My neighbor said something that really bugged me. I was telling her about some of his ailments. She said, "Well, you should take a break from dogs after this." Maybe SHE needs a break. Or maybe I just need a break from HER.

Looking back at our life with this dog, I see so many ways he served us. He has been a great protector. He has been a very easy going companion. He has been very obedient. I wonder if when he gets to heaven, God will meet him and say, "Good dog!" :)


Inside Stories said...

He really has been a good dog for you.

Stormy Trepidations said...

yes he will be in heaven waiting for you, and yes BREAK her!

Has she ever loved a dog? Dog is not even a good enough word for them... friend.. companion.