Thursday, April 26, 2007

Doodle bugs

My son has hated Cub Scouts. Actually, I think he hates the thought of going. When he gets there he is totally fine and has a good time. But I have to really push him to go. This last time the Den leader asked me if I could come help because her partner couldn't be there. They made these little Doodle bugs that were so cute. They are made out of cardboard that is glued together. There is a marble inside. The shape is slightly oval, so they don't roll entirely like a wheel. The marble makes them wobble slightly, like a bug. The kids decorated them, then had fun racing them down a wooden board. They also made paper airplanes, and used rocks and sticks to make a trail showing the way to a hidden treasure. (using techniques a scout would use to show his trail if he were lost in the woods). My son always complains that he doesn't want to go to scouts, but I know he has fun. I had fun too. :)

One Cub Scout posed for me. LOL

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Inside Stories said...

OOps! I commented on the wrong blog. I don't think my cub scouts are going to put a floor in for me, so I think you should send THESE directions to your cub scout leader sister!