Wednesday, March 07, 2007

March Came In Like A Lamb

All my life I have heard that saying about March. If it comes in like a lamb, it goes out like a lion, and vice versa. Here where I live I have, without fail, found that to be true. This month March came in like a lamb. Today my albino extremities actually made their first spring appearance. This is the first day I can remember in a long time that I haven't worn a sweater. And my favorite clothing item of all is my capri pants, so this was a great day for them.
This kind of a day makes me start thinking about a vegetable garden. Here in California we can plant earlier, especially if we plant cool crops. Part of me wants to start one now, but part of me is remembering that March is probably going out like a lion.

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deputymomof6 said...

Here, it came in like a lion. We had a big snow storm on the first, and another one on the third. My husband thinks that is just a saying with no basis..... he just likes to pick fights!!