Monday, February 05, 2007

My Most Embarassing Moments

This is the question they usually ask for party games. I always wonder if people really tell their most embarassing moment, or just the ones that aren't quite as embarassing. I think I've probably forgotten many of my most embarassing, but these two rank right up there.

For many years it was easy for me to come up with my most embarassing moment. It happened in 6th grade. Of course, I have to keep in mind that at 11 years old, it didn't take much to embarass me. We were having a class party at a roller skating rink. Our teacher was a very tall man, I think probably about 6'3" or so. His wife came to the party, even though she didn't know how to roller skate. He was holding her arm, helping her around the rink. I was a new skater too, and tried to stay close to the side so I could grab hold of the rail if I needed to. I certainly didn't know how to stop, and aside from pulling myself with the rail, I didn't know how to start.

Well, he and his wife were skating along very slowly, and I decided to risk it and get farther away from the rail. Suddenly I realized they were swerving towards me. His wife couldn't stop either, and I couldn't go or get out of the way, so I just bent over and my teacher spread his legs so he could go over me. Only it didnt' work out quite that way, and I ended up wedged between his legs. Okay, stop laughing. :)

Now that I'm an adult, I make bigger mistakes, which ultimately become more embarassing. I pulled a doozy at Christmas time when my daughter was here visiting from college. She and I were out shopping together at Walmart. When we got to the checkout line, There was a lady and her little boy right in front of us. He was very cute. I started playing with him and talking to him. He and I were teasing back and forth...I couldn't resist, like I said, he was very cute. I said to his mother, "I bet he is a handful!" She said, "Yes, you can take him!". I said, "I'll take you!" Then I added, "I need another slave around my house." I laughed and looked at my daughter and said, "Here is my other slave.". We stood there while the woman put her things up on the conveyor. My daughter kind of quietly pulled me aside and said, "Mom! You can't tell black people that you would like them to be your slave!". Honestly, it didn't really occur to me until that moment that I had just told a black child I would like him to come to my house and be my slave. I know that is awful...but it just shows how NOT into color I am. To me he was just a cute little boy. Actually, I don't think his Mom thought anything about it either, because she didn't ever act like I said anything wrong. But looking back, I remember the people in the line next to us staring at me in an odd way.

Okay, do you have one that can top that? When I say most embarassing moment, I'm thinking this ranked most embarassing of all embarassing moments that could ever happen!!!! See if you can top it.


epitome of sweetness said...

My most embarrassing moment:
I was working in a store that sold ice cream cones, and Bruce-a-very-hot-river-guide came in. I was making an ice cream, but I was busy watching him walk through the store. He turns around, looks at me and grins. I look down...I MISSED THE ICE CREAM CONE. There was ice cream in a little puddle in the drain, but nothing in the ice cream cone. And he saw me do it. It was humiliating. But his grin was even cute, so that made it worth it.

PsychoIntern said...

Luckily I wasn't there, but a similar embarrassing moment that happened with my wife was when she took our 6-year old to South CArolina a few years ago...I think she was almost 3 at the time. She had never really been around African Americans and they passed a Black man and his little girl as they were heading down to the beach. The little Black girl said, "Hi." Our little girl buried her head in my wife's chest and cried, "That monkey said 'hi' to me." over and over again. My wife about died. She kept saying, "That's not a monkey, that's a little girl who has dark skin," but our daughter wouldn't believe her. The dad was giving my wife dirty glares. Then, when they got to the beach, she set up her towels, and the guy and his girl came back. They were right next to my wife. So, she had to apologize, explain that we were from a state where there weren't very many African Americans, and that we weren't racist KKK-like parents teaching our kids to call African-Americans "monkeys." He accepted the apology, laughed, and was cordial after that. And my daughter learned that there are little girls who have dark skin. :)

On a similar vein, my 2-year old recently got into the habit of proclaiming loudly in the store, "He's ugly!! Dad!! He's ugly, huh!" That has happened at least 4 or 5 times. :)

epitome of sweetness said...

That's funny about your little one exclaiming about people being ugly! Kids are so much fun! When my son was little we passed a tall African American and my son said to me, " you want to know what I want to be when I grow up?" I said, "What?" He said, "A BLACK MAN!!!" The guy thought he was cute and smiled at us.

deputymomof6 said...

Mine is work related, so hopefully it is not offense. I worked in the jail for over 8 years, and I often had to search male inmates as they were entering the jail. It was not uncommon for them to hide drugs or other contraband in their pants.

This particular day, I was searching an inmate's pants legs. I went up one leg and was about 4 inches away from my turning point at the groin area when my hand brushed something. I grabbed it and shook it while asking, "what is this?"

He could have been crude, but his reply was "that's attached, ma'am." I am sure that my hair and face were the same color. I was so embarassed!!