Sunday, February 25, 2007

More Chinese Christian Roots

Continuing with my chinese character post. I asked my Chinese friend David, to give me some more examples of characters that have christian roots. He gave me several. This first one is the character Yi, that is used when saying "Righteousness". It is broken up in to two parts. The top half of it is the character for Lamb. The bottom is the character "Wo" for me. The "Lamb" covers "Me". For Christians, this is a reminder that Jesus Christ, who is often referred to as the "Lamb of God" paid for our sins, thereby making us eligible to be found worthy, or righteous. (Note I spared you having to look at my computer kindergarten writing :)

The next character he told me about is the character "Jin" that means to forbid. The top part of this character is the one for trees. The bottom is for spirit. We Christians are reminded of the garden of Eden when Adam and Eve were forbidden to take of the fruit of the tree. Cherubim (spirits?, angels? ) were placed to guard the tree so that they would not eat from it again.

This is the character for "Greed". It is made up of two parts. The top represents trees, and the bottom is the character for female. Once again, Christians are reminded of the Garden of Eden when Eve took of the fruit that she was forbidden to eat.

These characters are thousands of years old. It is highly possible that they have Gospel roots. The more I read about other religions and cultures, the more I see that remnants of the gospel can be found in all, but many of the important parts have been lost.


Alpha said...

What is the symbol for I love you and stuff like that?

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