Friday, January 12, 2007

Internet Dependence

You know you rely too much on the Internet when:

--You can't find a ruler, so you go to the internet and print one out. (true story)

--None of the clocks in your house seems to keep accurate time, so you always look at the computer for the correct time.

--You tend to email your spouse at work rather than call.

--You would rather surf the internet than watch television.

--You rarely take your kids to the library when they have a report to do, you just help them find the info on the internet.

--Just the thought of your server crashing sends you in to premature withdrawals.

Okay, fess up.....what do YOU do?

1 comment:

Kris said...

I think the internet is awesome. I love being able to email my husband instead of call him. Naggy wives are so annoying when you're in the work place. It's so much nicer to just email a quick "What time do you expect you'll be home tonight?" so he can answer when he has a free second instead of interrupting. It's awesome. Text messaging is awesome as well.