Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Flown the nest

My daughter is away at college right now. Of course I miss her, she is my oldest child. We really miss her personality around the house. She has a very unique sense of humor and is very witty. She adds something to the mix that I can't explain...but it's missing. I"m the only female in the house now...that's kind of weird. I have to say I like males....I like the way their brain works. Most of my best friends in high school were guys. I like living with my husband and sons, but I still miss my daughter. I can tell the boys all miss her too, and of course her father, who she has twisted around her little finger, misses her too.

Here is the weird thing. Her cat misses her. Someone once gave me a magazine about cats. I read in there that white cats usually bond with one person. My experience with Siamese cats confirms that. Our cat is white, and it appears he bonded with my daughter. When she was living at home, he slept in her room, and only wanted her to pet him. When she comes home for vacation, he gloms all over her. She took a very interesting picture of her lying on her side in bed, with the cat laying across her legs. It couldn't have been comfortable for the cat, but he just loves her and wanted to claim her as his "territory". Recently he found a barbie doll in the house that was hers. I think when she was young she spent time styling the doll's hair, and now it smells like her. The cat lays by the doll and rubs his head on it. He sits and smells it. It must definitely remind him of her.

Well, she is coming home for the summer. We will all be glad to see her.....even the cat.


Kris said...

Unfortunately for me, my husband's cat (a calico) bonded with me. I would wake up and there it would be...LICKING my face. I hated that animal, and I would beat it off with my pillow, and the next thing you know it would come right back for more.
I would RUN from it, shut it out of the not only loved me, but hated everyone else in the house (because of course everyone else in the house loved her) I am not sorry it's no longer with us. Not at all....
But that's cute that he misses your daughter, and I think I will be sad when my son moves out, too.

Lindsay-Weaver said...

I remember one day when I called ***W***, she had just gotten home from work and was so mad. I asked her what was the matter, she said, "I hate my stupid cat, it's wearing my sweater." The cat had actually crawled inside the sweater and was "wearing" it. ***L***

PsychoIntern said...

That is a cute story..