Friday, December 01, 2006

Wait, didn't we have Halloween already?

I walked in to the grocery store the other day and saw an older woman standing at the checkouts. I was so shocked by what she looked like that I suddenly caught myself staring at her. Now, I'm usually very tolerant. I am used to many different kinds of people, and I don't get shocked that easily, but this woman looked like she was in Halloween costume. She was an old lady, but had died her hair black. She had it teased up in to this huge ball of matted hair. I have seen women before who love to do that, and probably use a whole can of hair spray each time they style their hair. I think if it had just been the hair, I wouldn't have been phased. But her makeup was also scary. She had this purplish eye shadow covering her entire eyelid all the way to her eyebrows. I kept looking at her...I couldn't help myself. I kept wondering if, when she looks in the mirror, she thinks she looks good! It was like she fell face first in her makeup kit!
I did a quick run through the store and got through the checkouts in a few short minutes. All that hair spray and makeup must have been weighing her down because she was just leaving the store by the time I was ready to go. I followed her out of the automatic doors. I noticed that where her hair was teased particularly good, I could see through to the roots of her hair, which were white! I don't think I've been able to shut my eyes since.....

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