Saturday, December 30, 2006


I love my youngest child to death, but he has started this habit lately that has finally caught up to me. He comes up to me and kisses my face and puts his hands all over my face. That sounds very sweet...and it is, but if you saw his hands, you would understand my consternation. He is all boy, and hates baths and hand washing. Every time he puts his hands on my face, I ask him to go wash them first. He is my only really demonstrative child, so I don't want to discourage him, but it gets a little gross.

Well, it finally did what I was afraid it would do. It made me sick. He has been sick with a cold, and I finally caught it. He is young, so didn't seem that sick, but it has wiped me out.

I had to go to the store today, it couldn't be helped. I drug myself around through the aisles, moving in slow motion. It's also hard to think when I feel like this. Someone called me on the phone to ask a question, and I couldn't think of the words to answer. It's not that I'm sleepy, my head is just fuzzy.

I can't remember the last time I stayed home sick from church. Tomorrow will be one of those days. I don't want to spread the joy of this illness, and frankly I feel too crummy to go even if I wanted to.

I think the hugs and kisses were worth it, but this sure isn't fun.

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