Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Lesson on Safety

I was reminded today of an experience I had that I thought would be beneficial to share. I have mentioned before that when I was in high school I had a boyfriend who taught me martial arts. One thing that he always drilled in to me was that I should always look in the back seat of my car before getting in. One night after work I went out to my car and was just putting the key in the lock when I decided to check the back seat. Although it was dark, I noticed something in the back seat that looked like a pile of clothes. A split second later I realized it was a person. I wondered for a second if it could be one of my brothers playing a joke on me. I immediately turned around and went back in to the store and got my boss. Several other men heard our conversation and also followed us out to the car. They all circled around the car, and one of them opened the door. A drunk man came stumbling out of the car and wandered away. I guess he was just looking for a warm place to sleep it off.
I have often wondered what might have happened if I hadn't looked in my back seat. What if he sat up while I was driving on the dark road home? I was very lucky, because in this case he didn't have ill intentions, but what if it were someone who did? I will be ever grateful to that boyfriend who drilled in to me the habit of looking in my back seat. I still have that practice today.

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