Sunday, July 02, 2006

Memory Lane

Before we met, my husband and I both served for 18 months as missionaries in Taiwan. This year marks the 50th anniversary of when our church first sent missionaries to Taiwan. The members of the church who live in Taiwan are having a special celebration to commemorate this event. My husband and I are going to Taiwan to join in the celebration.

It has been about 22 years since I was in Taiwan. I expect that many things have changed. I'm hoping that some things have stayed the same. I look forward to being reminded of my life there. I'm not sure if I can still find my way around to the same places I used to haunt. But I look forward to taking my husband to the cities I lived in. I also look forward to him taking me to the cities he lived in.

My mission was an experience that changed my life in ways that I would never have expected. I'm not sure how effective I was as a missionary, but serving and teaching people made a deep impression upon my soul. This experience has given me a solid foundation upon which I have been able to build my life.
I learned many things as a missionary. I learned to know God, and understand how He communicates with me. I learned faith. I learned tolerance. I learned that America is a very small place in this big earth. I learned that we as Americans are the richest people on the planet. I learned that everything we know about life is but a drop in the bucket compared to how people of other nations view the world. We often think the world revolves around our country. But after living abroad, I have developed a new paradigm. We can study in the best universities, or read the best research books, but we can still learn from other people and cultures.
I'm anxious to go back to Taiwan. America will always be my home. I will always be a patriot. But I did live in Taiwan, Taiwan is also my home. It will be nice to go back home for a few days.

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